Window Cling Installation

How To Make It Cling!

Follow these 4 easy steps to successfully apply your window clings each period.

  1. CLEAN: Thoroughly clean the window with an ammonia-based cleaner, remove any residue and allow to dry completely.

  2. POSITION: Using a tape measure, determine the placement of the window cling before removing the backing. Mark the position of the top edge with masking tape.

  3. PEEL: Beginning at the top of the cling, peel down about one inch of the backing. Align the top edge of the cling with the masking tape. Apply the top edge of the cling to the window using the squeegie.

  4. APPLY: Using the squeegie, smooth the cling into place with moderate pressure and a side-to-side motion while slowly pulling down on the backing. Once done, squeegie the entire surface to ensure adhesion. Poke any large air bubbles with a pin and flatten with the squeegie.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Window clings can only be applied once! Do not attempt to remove and re-apply. For best results, do not apply in extreme cold. These instructions also apply to Bottom Door Clings and Door Handle Clings.

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