Hanging Banner Installation

Follow these easy steps to successfully hang your Big Weekend Banner. Read carefully before proceeding.

  1. Pull all components out of the box.

  2. Use the pliers to open the chain link. You will need three sections of chain (approximately 6 links for the outsides and 5 links for the middle). We have provided extra chain if you have high ceilings and want to make the links longer.

  3. Take the banner gripper and insert 1 eyelet onto the gripper track. Repeat this step for the remaining two grippers.

  4. Attach the chain to the eyelets. Close the loop on the chain with the pliers.

  5. Lay the banner flat on the floor. Open the grippers and attach to the top of the banner (one gripper at the top on the very left, one gripper in the top middle and the final gripper at the top on the right).

  6. Install the banner in a high visibility area, ideally close to the front door or above the Big Weekend displays.

  7. Take the t-bar clips – the three t-bar clips are to be installed approx. 47” apart along the ceiling track. Position the clips as seen in the illustration above.

  8. Install the middle section of the banner first, then the sides. Adjust the number of links and/or the position of the eyelet until the banner hangs flat.

  9. Be sure to take the banner down at the end of the Big Weekend.

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